Useful Parts and Accessory Suppliers

List of web site addresses for interesting and useful suppliers of products which may be of interest to boat owners.

This company specialises in manufacturing a vast range of mounting brackets for electronic equipment, e.g. members have used this company to supply a mounting bracket for a Garmin GPSMap 750S

One of the problems with most nautical equipment is that it is over-priced compared to the same equipment in non-nautical applications. For fastenings, these people are cheaper than most if you are prepared to wait a couple of days longer for your order to be delivered:

If you’re in a hurry for that vital fastening and don’t mind paying:

For larger pieces of hardware (eg anchors, chain), try these sites:–yachting-8-c.asp

For 12v electrical items:

And for bits of string:

Stainless Steel wire and and just about any fitting in 316 stainless, very reasonable prices.

Hard woods and wood working tools – delivered to your door.