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Title: Storm 19
Post by: kleppar on 05 Oct 2020, 03:22
Storm 19 is an extended Storm 17; I believe two boats were built by Swallow Yachts; both transported to Norway in May 2005.

My boat is fully equipped and in good condition; it has a sprayhood, and an asymmetric on a bowsprit. Storm 19 is not water ballasted, so it benefits from some added ballast (or heavy crew!). The boat has been dry sailed in the coastal seas of Stavanger all the time.

Price is negotiable.

Photos and videos here:

Erik Klepsvik

Nedstrandsgata 85A, 4015 Stavanger, Norway

+47 982 13 705   ✤  Skype: kleppar  ✤  klepsvik.info