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General Discussion / New chartplotter charts
« Last Post by Gavin Y on 01 Dec 2022, 17:58 »
Hi All,

Just after a bit of advice please. I'm installing a Garmin GPS MAP 723xsv and need to add the compatible charts. I'm leaning towards the Garmin Navionics+. My choice now rests between the UK & Ireland Lakes and Rivers - Inland Marine Charts or the UK South Coast Marine Charts. Both would cover my more immediate use by the looks of their coverage, noting that I live on the South Coast, but have ambition to do some trailer sailing around the wider UK in the next few years. Would appreciate any advice from someone who has faced a similar choice in the recent past. Thanks.
Technical / Re: Tiller pilot
« Last Post by Sea Simon on 30 Nov 2022, 18:25 »
I haven't got a pilot or sheet to tiller steering on my Bre, just a brass cleat under the tiller and a cord with knots in strung between two bungee loops hooked over the rear cleats. I find I can just hook the tiller on where it needs to be and the boat sails along quite happily, easy to balance.

I do something very similar to this, not perfect but acceptable.

Tiller pilots with small boats and Outboards.
Not from personal experience, but reading around this subject led me to the above.
 I recall there is a lot of useful info/experience on drascombe and Cape Cutter forums too.

"Tiller pilots are quite power hungry.
Outboards  don't really charge very efficiently and seem to require longish runs, at highish revs to produce anything meaningful.
Also, Outboards have a magnet for their ignition inset to the flywheel, and this causes varying degrees  of interference."...apparently...

Duffer. Does your outboard charge the battery? What sizes/rates?
Technical / Re: Triducer/transducer?
« Last Post by Graham W on 30 Nov 2022, 17:39 »
I doubt that my boat will be in the water for more than a week at a time next season.  So the obvious solution to jammed waterwheel misery is to get under the trailer with an old toothbrush when I get home.
Technical / Re: Cooking on a BRe
« Last Post by Graham W on 30 Nov 2022, 17:36 »
Matthew started a long thread on stoves that can be found here:,1305.0.html.  It includes (towards the bottom of page 1) a nifty idea from Jonathan (with photo) to improve stove stability when using a BRe thwart as a cooking base.
Technical / Cooking on a BRe
« Last Post by Willie Carr on 30 Nov 2022, 16:04 »
I recently acquired BRe 001 from the Rushtons (formerly Grace, now Sannah). Although I have not sailed her in anger yet, beyond a trial sail on Rutland Water, I’m planning ahead and, ideally, I’d like to find a way to safely make a hot drink while on a passage. As I already have a very old (50+ years) but perfectly serviceable Primus plus a modern Jet Boil, I’d like to use at least one of these for this purpose.
My initial idea is to make a small cooking box (a-la Roger Barnes’s) using the modern equivalent of chemistry lab burner mats cloaked in thin marine play. I think it could be firmly slotted on top of the centreboard housing using elastics clipped to Seasure-type lacing hooks located on the underside of the casing’s wooden flange. Make sense?
I am sure boiling water on varnished wood is not a great idea so would also need to find a way to soak up any accidental overspill.
Of course, I could make a coffee prior to the passage and just use a thermos but I’d still like to find a way to cook safely at anchor.
Please help refine my idea, suggest a better alternative or slap me down as appropriate.
As an aside, I know Roger does not recommend paraffin stoves for dinghies as he correctly points out they can flare-up during the priming process. However, I think priming the Primus using a cook’s modern butane blow torch will avoid that issue, as the pre-heating process would be vastly improved compared to the trad method of burning meths.
Technical / Re: Tiller pilot
« Last Post by Graham W on 30 Nov 2022, 15:49 »
As long as you have clean air (ie not on a lake surrounded by mountains) and you resist the temptation to move about the boat, once you've got the sails and rudder angle balanced, a simple tiller brake (preferably damped with something elastic like bungee cord on both sides) will hold a steady course for a very long time.  However, it might not be the direction that you want to go in!

A tiller pilot is very useful under power and even more useful if it's integrated with a wind system, so that you can tell it to head directly into the wind while you do important things with the sails.

BC23 Seatern has installed a tiller pilot and it seems that Peter wishes that he had installed a Simrad rather than a Raymarine - see  I had a Raymarine ST1000 that came with my first Turaco (a Norfolk Gypsy) when I bought it and thought that it was the bee's knees for singlehanding.  However, I had a Yanmar diesel with alternator and I'm not sure how robust such a system would be without the ability to charge the battery.
Technical / Re: Tiller pilot
« Last Post by johnguy on 30 Nov 2022, 15:31 »
I haven't got a pilot or sheet to tiller steering on my Bre, just a brass cleat under the tiller and a cord with knots in strung between two bungee loops hooked over the rear cleats. I find I can just hook the tiller on where it needs to be and the boat sails along quite happily, easy to balance.
Technical / Tiller pilot
« Last Post by TheOldDuffer on 30 Nov 2022, 14:21 »
On my last boat (Sadler 25) I had a Simrad TP10 which worked very well. At the last minute I opted for electrics on the BRe with this in mind (apart from the fish finder) Has anyone fitted one of these? I imagine the tiller, arcing across the outboard might make lining up the TP10 awkward?

The other thing I want to try is sheet to tiller steering - anyone had a go at this on a BR(e)?
Technical / Re: depth/Fish finder
« Last Post by TheOldDuffer on 30 Nov 2022, 14:09 »
I was thinking I might mount the fish finder on the bulkhead and live with it being a little too far away. Mounting the transducer behind the mast post as well will make the wiring easy-peasy.  All this for next season. I haven't sailed the boat yet.
Technical / Re: Triducer/transducer?
« Last Post by Sea Simon on 30 Nov 2022, 09:43 »
GW, you are right in that paddle wheel speed transducers will require very regular removal for cleaning.
Debris and marine growth are both issues.
Easy enough to do, especially  in a smaller open boat. Make sure you have the blanking bung handy tho, as a surprising amount of water comes in! However, mounting this thru hull perhaps not so easy in a BR?

My new to me Raymarine uses Transmar brand transducers (model about 5 years old?) as do many others. These have a hull hole with a small non return flap valve to limit the inrush. However, due to past experiences  (fouling/debris unsurprisingly also affects the valve!) I  don't  trust this (or indeed, my crew to assist me..some get quite spooked), and have just ordered a blanking  plug. £40! You then do a speedy swap over, and can clean the paddle wheel at your leisure, undistracted by an open 30mm hole in the bottom of your boat!
This unit has a dual function speed thru water paddle wheel, and water temperature (of no interest to me, a fish finder function?).
It has a separate depth head, in another thru hull mounting tube.
I'm  investigating  using this hole for a NASA electromagnetic  log...

NASA Clipper do an electromagnetic speed log, with no moving parts (£350ish?) However, note that they still say that this needs cleaning.
Others do ultrasonics etc, to eliminate the pesky paddle wheel which WILL CLOG UP.

Speed thru water is, imo, important especially  for racing...I seem to recall that many classes didn't allow GPS years ago (on a race boat, we "invested" in an early TackTick network, which i think was appx £2200, about 20 years ago! That was paddle wheel only. I seem to recall top flight boats had very fancy ultrasonics?) so STW was vital. STW also reacts faster than GPS speed (SOG) so is better for trimming to max boat speed I  think?

Of course, both my navtab and phone have GPS "speedo" displays,  so I can retire my trusty Garmin GPS72...if only I was smart enough to figure out how to transfer all my historical waypoints/routes...
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