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Not a Swallowboat, but still a nice one

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Julian Swindell:
I will not be going into detail here, because this is not a Swallowboat, but I have just started on the build of an Iain Oughtred designed Guillemot sailing dinghy. I have wanted a simple picnic on the beach type sailing and rowing boat for years, and I have also always wanted to build one of Iain's designs. I will be keeping a record of the progress on a Wordpress blog at the link below, if anyone is interested. It will be a slow project. I don't expect to launch this year, but you never know.

Julian Swindell:
My non-Swallow Guillemot is starting to almost take shape. God knows how I will get Daisy Grace back in the shed this autumn.

Julian Swindell:
Six planks per side done, just two more to go

Michael Rogers:
Well done, Julian!

Is there provision on the forum to change the title of threads? - because of course this one should now read 'Not a Swallowyacht,...'

Julian Swindell:
Planking complete! I think that means the boat is about half done. Now I need to sand her, paint her and turn her over before I have to get Daisy Grace back in the shed at the end of the month. Apart from the Swallow Raid in Falmouth, it hasn't been a  great sailing summer...


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