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Anthony Huggett:
Over the course of the Falmouth Raid I had a word with Matt about a sail emblem for us home builders. Production Swallow Boats/Yachts sport a swallow on the mainsail to let the world know what they are. I suggested we should use the same SB emblem inside a box for kit boats and Matt was happy with that.

Would there be any interest if I organized a job lot of emblems?

David Hudson:
Surely if the dinghy is built to plan and a Matt measures it as conforming to manufacturer's plans, you should be entitled to a Class number and insignia.

This would of course require a measurement fee.

I have  a  regular  BayRaider  with no insignia  or number! Does this mean I could  also  get one?

Michael Rogers:
This idea (basically a good one) does get a bit complicated. For example, I assume Matt (or whoever) would 'approve' the hull of my boat, but I would certainly not expect Swallow Boats (SORRY - genuine slip of the pen: this is going to take some getting used to!!), I mean Swallow Yachts, to associate themselves with my rig: which is the bit of the boat which would wear any emblem assigned to me.

And I must say that measurement fees smack of a competitive class association, which I don't think we are - yet!?

What about a burgee which is absolutely limited to us home builders, and would therefore exclude all the had-it-built-for-me riffraff? I would fly one with pride. (It might also divert me from mischief-making such as flying a white ensign and seeing how long it takes for the RN and/or RYS to react. Would that be a criminal offence, or just cheeky?)

Anthony Huggett:
I'm not sure when the emblems came in. Emily's sails are standard, supplied by Matt in 2010.

I like the idea of differentiating the kit boats because there is a certain satisfaction in having built one's own, (especially if you are doing quite well against the others on a raid) and I can understand that there is some reticence on Matt's part about having boats out their with his branding over which he has no control over the build quality. 

I guess my question to the forum is how many others would be interested in decorating their sails?


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