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I am the owner of a Storm 19, built by Swallow Yachts in 2005. It is standard gunter yawl rigged, and has a bowsprit and an asymmetric.

I may do some small modifications. I do find, at times, that stepping the mast takes a bit of effort.  A lighter mast? Another rig? Also I use the boat with a Honda 2.3, but it is not possible to reverse with the engine. Any suggestion for a better outboard arrangement?

Ideas are welcome!

Best regards,


Anthony Huggett:
When you say not possible to reverse, does the Storm 19's outboard well not give sufficient clearance to turn the engine around?

Hi, Erik.
Just come across this thread....
What a great looking boat the S19 is!  Are you as happy with her as I am with the CBL?

I have the same outboard problem with "Four Sisters"  - the CBL being just, as you know, a "breathed on"  S19 with knobs on!
 From new,  I fitted a 4hp fourstroke Yamaha. She copes ok with the extra weight and it gives me enough power to fight tides while towing a broken BayRaider (!) and,of course,  a reverse gear - very handy in all sorts of situations from backing off of a sand bar to stopping her dead in a hurry.....but, it is impossible to swivel the Yamaha around in the well. It can only turn 10  degrees or so off centre, meaning that most, if not all, steering is done with the rudder when under power. (Top speed about 6.5 knots, by the way)  I would have thought that the Honda would have room to rotate 180 degrees, if you tun the prop away from the rudder i.e. anti clockwise. Is that not so?
She also has 90Kg of lead ballast bolted down inside the cabin which adds stability and helps keeps up her momentum when sailing to windward in a chop - but  makes her more difficult to shove around hotel car parks.

All this weight + cruising equipment must adversely affect performance  and her balanced lugsail is less weather than the usual sprit rigged gunter so I dare say your S19 will sail rings around me most of the time.  I like the Lug sail for its many advantages (which I need not go into here) and for the way I can sail past most BayRaiders on a downwind run - until they hoist a spinnaker, that is, and so I dare say that the S19 would give them a run for their money on any point of sail.

Why do you want to change the rig? More performance? Easier rigging?  Some other problem?
If you really want to change the rig it might be possible to use a one-piece CF mast and a fat head BayRaider mainsail. How much of an advantage that might be is debatable. It would certainly cost a fair bit and you would no longer be able to store all spars inside the boat when trailing. 
If you just want more sail area in light airs (and more string to play with) you could follow Graham W's example and fly a mizzen staysail.
A way around the mast stepping problem might be to use a tabernacle. I wanted to do that to make shooting bridges possible but I would need to change from  an unstayed mast - not an option with a balanced lug sail - and I would need very tall chainplates to clear the cabin top!
Let us know how you get on.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for long reply. As I probably have informed elsewhere, I am in the process of having a Vivier Jewell built (http://www.vivierboats.com/en/product/jewell/9) - ready for summer 2016. Not that I am unhappy with my Storm, but I shall try out a boat with a lid (as you have). I am considering selling my Storm 19 - let me know if you know anybody who is interested.

I can turn my Honda away from the rudder, provided I mount it far enough away from the rudder blade, so there is room to turn; for some reason I have not done that.

I am also looking at another motor; a petrol Tohatsu 4 HP is supposed to be very reliable. I am also looking at electric - Torqeedo and others. Range is an issue; also I need a motor with some power, as there could be quite some resistance in motoring with the mast up.

I am not unhappy with the sliding gunter (as I believe it is called), but the mast can be a bit heavy. I am not sure if my deck will support a tabernacle, but maybe a hollow mast is the simplest solution.

Best regards,



--- Quote from: Anthony Huggett on 13 Jan 2016, 22:42 ---When you say not possible to reverse, does the Storm 19's outboard well not give sufficient clearance to turn the engine around?

--- End quote ---

That is correct.



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