Author Topic: BR 20 water in front floatation and general issues with older boats?  (Read 5658 times)

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For that kind of budget I can get a newly restored folk boat with new sails, trailer and electric drive system and still have some change left - or a Beneteau First 211 in top condition.
(Completely different story, but you could even get an IOD yacht for half that price - that seems crazy).

I have always liked the Beneteau 211. I would probably go for the Beneteau considering the state of the BayRaider! (Even knowing that the Beneteau will take longer to set up and take down after each sail.)

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I can see your point re the Beneteau...and I like the sound of the Folk Boat too...

But, as I'm sure you are aware, the IOD is a bit apples v pears...good luck with finding a mooring for that, never mind an affordable one (because you won't be trailer sailing), and then there is the need for expensive parts/maintenace/sails to sail to its rating....there have been several attempts to do so hereabouts. ;D

If you are in need of a REAL money pit, sorry I mean wealthy mans toy, there is a beautiful classic International 6m, in quite good condition (Doyle stratis sails, rod rigging etc etc) available locally for about the same price!
Trailer is 1.2 T empty...needs quite a tow vehicle!
BTW you will need a skilled crew of at least 3 even to take it to sea, 5 to race. No passengers!  ;)
Expect to spend about the same as purchase cost, annually, if you want to class race.
Great racing tho....
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Thanks everyone,

We'll keep looking for a BR20, in the meantime we found a CB 17'6" Coastal Dayboat in very nice condition, to get us on the water for the time. We won't be racing it against a BR20, that's for sure - my sailing skills would probably not allow me to win in a Laser against a piece of driftwood anyway ...

I'd never dream of actually trying to sail an IOD (but they are pretty)

I suppose the Swallow Boats Raids are not open to other boats, even if we actually could stay within sight of the fleet by the end of the day?  ;D