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Looking to try out a Swallow 23/26 in Scotland?


cecilia weston:
Does anyone near Edinburgh/Glasgow own a swallow BayCruiser 23 or 26 that we could potentially
have a short "try out" sail on? We have fallen in love with Swallow Yachts online but would appreciate
a sail on one before investing...we would be very grateful for any help. Ewan and Cecilia (07989 502215)

Francis Hawkings:
I have a BC23 on Mull. Not very near, but you would be welcome to come and sail.
Francis Hawkings
07502 488199

Steve A:
We have a 23 at Lochgoilhead.
Happy to help.

Steve A:
Re 23 at Lochgoilhead, contact Steve on 07970 283221


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