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Jonathan Stuart:
It has become necessary to update this site's terms of use. These are the terms that all the website's users operate under. The terms are published on the following page and take immediate effect from the time and date of this forum post:


Please read these and make sure you are happy to operate under these terms. There shouldn't be anything controversial and they are intended to reflect common sense and common practice. Most importantly, with regard to copyright you agree that you own the copyright (or have permission to reproduce) anything you add to this website and that by adding it you are giving a license for the material to be displayed on this site in perpetuity.

If you have any questions or concerns then please post them on the following topic:


Jonathan Stuart:
I have made a few updates to the Terms of Use. These are driven by the addition of the "Sailing and Events" board and I wanted to ensure the terms make it clear that anyone joining an event is responsible for their own actions, etc. That is, if one forum user suggests a sailing event then they do not become liable for other people's safety and actions, etc. Updated terms can be found on the usual page:



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