About Swallow Yachts Association

This web site exists to provide information related to the designs and boats created by Swallow Yachts and an opportunity to discuss any related subjects. This is a community project so what appears on this site is down to what we all contribute. It is independent from Swallow Yachts and hence may not reflect their opinions.

Please enjoy what’s here. The forum’s the place to start if you have any questions or comments related to Swallow Yachts or this web site. And if you feel like contributing or getting involved then that’s great and you can do so via the forum’s General Discussion board.

Although this is called an “association” it is important to understand that this is meant in its general sense and there isn’t a formal structure, a club or any entity at all and similarly there aren’t any officers or a constitution. There are Terms of Use that all users must adhere to and by using the website or forum you agree to abide by these terms.

Here is dictionary.com‘s definition of an association. This web site is about everything other than the words that are crossed out.

association noun

  1. an organization of people with a common purpose and having a formal structure.
  2. the act of associating or state of being associated.
  3. friendship; companionship: Their close association did not last long.
  4. connection or combination.
  5. the connection or relation of ideas, feelings, sensations, etc.; correlation of elements of perception, reasoning, or the like.

It’s free to get involved and hopefully there’s all the best bits of a club/association without any of the bad bits. “Professional” committee members and those with a liking for politics may want to look elsewhere!

Swallow Yachts Association doesn’t exist other than in “cyberspace” and in the information and discussions on this web site. That means anything written on, contributed to or linked from this web site is wholly and strictly the opinion and responsibility of its author, i.e. the person who added it to the site. Similarly, if anyone feels like going beyond cyberspace and meeting other people – perhaps for sailing, now there’s an idea – then that is done as a group of individuals who take entire responsibility for their individual actions.

Hopefully that’s clear and if it’s acceptable then please continue and enjoy the site accordingly (by doing so you are accepting the Terms of Use).