About Swallow Yachts

Swallow Yachts is a family run business producing innovative sailing and human-powered boats that combine traditional design with modern performance. Established in 1995, they produce a wide range of craft, from sailing canoes to 26′ cruiser yachts. The range of materials used blends tradition with modern technology and boats are produced in wood and GRP while masts and spars are constructed from wood or carbon fibre as appropriate. The boats are designed and built in the UK but there are licensed dealers and builders in a number of other countries. Swallow Yachts has also produced boats as kits for home completion, however these are no longer available.

What has made Swallow Yachts famous is their innovative designs, attention to detail and quality. The Bay Raider exemplifies this. It has classic lines and appearance yet deceptively good performance and stability, aided by the very effective yet simple water ballast system. An internal outboard well provides easy access to a motor when required and it’s position in front of the rudder maximises maneuverability. All this is available is a boat that can be constructed from wood or GRP and with a hollow wood mast supporting a gunter rig or a one piece carbon mast. The flexibility of this design and lack of compromises, unusually so for a boat of this size, makes it suitable for a wide range of uses and it is equally at home as a family sailing boat, as a craft for competitive “raids” or for pottering and creek crawling.

For more information about Swallow Yachts please visit their web site: http://www.swallowyachts.com.