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This page contains a register of boats built or designed by SwallowBoats. Only registered members can add boat details to this page.

The table can be sorted, e.g. to group all boats of the same model, by clicking the column title with your left mouse button. By default the table is sorted by boat model and hull number.

Name Model Hull Number Owner Year Built Hull Material1 Builder2 Notes
MalloryBayRaider Expedition3Martin Balcome2012GRPSB
Amy PearlBayCruiser 205Brian Robertson2010EPWSBFindhorn/Moray Firth
Turaco IIIBayRaider 2059Graham W2010GRPSBNorth Wales, Scotland, Corfu
JoybellsBayRaider 20107Peter Cockerton2019GRPSBLarger Jib set on bowsprit, AeroLuff Spar for jib reefing. Bermudan FB Main with CF boom
Daisy GraceBayCruiser 201Julian Swindell2009EPWSBOriginal single batten sail replaced with fully battened main sail in 2012
CadenzaStorm Petreln/aMichael Rogers2004EPWKitjunk rig from 2009
CavatinaTroupern/aMichael Rogers2012EPWKitjunk rig
PsalterBayRaider 2012Andy Dingle2008EPWSBEast Coast Rivers. The Wash. Lincolnshire coast.
NomadBayRaider 2080David Peachey2012GRPSBWest Coast USA.
KittiwakeBayRaider Expedition2Charlie Crowley2011GRPSBBaltimore, West Cork, Ireland
GryphonBayRaider 20083Chris Robinson2012GRPSBPerth, Western Australia. Supplied via Denman Marine. Sailing areas: Swan River, Peel-Harvey Estuary, Cockburn Sound, Bremer Bay, Garden Island, Carnac Island, Wellington Dam, Ocean Reef.
GefionStorm 15n/aLyn Bodger2007EPWKitWirral based
Emily AnneBayCruiser 20n/aJim Levang2012EPWKitHome port: Duluth, Minnesota (Lake Superior). Construction began 2010, completed 2012.
Susan2Storm 171Edwin Davies2007EPWKitBuilt by Steve Jones. With water ballast.
"Four Sisters"Cardigan Bay Lugger1Tony2006EPWSBWinter- Carsington Water, Derbyshire. Summer- Isle of Paxos, Northern Ionian
VagabondBayCruiser 23010Giovanni2012GRPSBNew Owner based in Northern Italy
PickleBayRaider Expedition035Stuart Roy2015GRPSBBased Chichester Harbour. Formerly David Hudson's "Amy Eleanor and the Dangerous Brothers"
GladysBayRaider 2023Matthew Peacock2009GRPSBBala, Llyn Brenig, Conway
Jolly rogerStorm 15GarethCurtis2009EPWKitLlanelli, West Wales.
James CairdBayRaider 20SBWBR 045CColin Morley2010GRPSBMainly East Anglian Estuaries, Chichester harbour and the Solent. Moored Burnham Overy Staithe, Norfolk
NONA MEBayRaider 171Steve 2012EPWKitbuilt by Steve Jones
Little GrebeStorm 17??Richard Cooper2006GRPSBBased Oxfordshire mainly sailed in Poole Harbour,
TrimBayRaider 17Aus4Peter Williamson2012EPWDMSydney Australia. ('Trim' was Matthew Flinders' cat.)
EscapeBayRaider Expedition006Bob & Kim2012GRPSBRecently moved to North Kent, Whitstable. Keen to meet/chat with any other Swallow in the area.
BranwenBayRaider Expedition14Ron Dunbar2013GRPSBLoch Fyne, Scotland.
Minnie the MoocherBayRaider 20008Mark Edmondson2008EPWSB
Anam caraBayCruiser 23011Simon Reeve2012GRPSBRutland Water
Gwennol TeifiStorm 171Gareth Rowlands2006EPWSBThe fist production line Storm 17 - I can't quite remember the year of build. Some modifications to my spec - deck stepped mast.
SprayBayRaider 2021Colin Lawson2008GRPSBSailing area: Falmouth Bay, Carrick Roads and Helford River. Swinging mooring at Mylor (Restronguet Sailing Club)
RobinStorm 15sj001Steve Joyce2011EPWKitNorth Yorkshire
AndanteBayCruiser 2316Richard Bottom2013GRPSBCruising West Coast Scotland and Ullswater My son Dan and I enjoyed a mini cruise from Loch Feochan (launch site) to Tobermory via Loch Don and back via Loch Aline, round Lismore, Loch Creran, Oban and Pol dobhrain. Great fun pity we only had 5 days. We took her off her mooring on Ullswater at 9am, towed her to Loch Feochan, launched her, and by 7.30pm were eating pasta that we'd cooked on board. A true trailer sailer!
SeaTernBayCruiser 209Peter Taylor2013EPWSBLives in Southampton on River Itchen; sails Southampton Water and Solent;
Alice AmyBayRaider Expedition11Reg Barker2012GRPSBHerefordshire
TrixieBayRaider 17Aus7Linda and Brian2013EPWDMHauraki Gulf, Auckland, New Zealand
Sandpiperswampdredger2011EPWKitAny more Sandpipers out there? Not epoxy of course, just ply stitched and glued.
The CatchStorm Petreln/aBelinda Hodge2000EPWSB
IkeyaBayRaider 20S/BMartyn Miles2010EPWKitMullaghmore, Co Sligo, Ireland
Mas que NadaBayRaider Expedition7PeterDT2012GRPSBNetherlands
SiedrStorm 17N/ARobert Lewis2009GRPSBTrailing every April to the Aegean and mooring in Votsi harbour on the island of Alonissos in the Northern Sporades. Returning to sail from South Devon launch sites in early August.
Lill-FrejaCardigan Bay Lugger3?Johan Ellingsen2011EPWSBBased canal-side in Stockholm.Electric motor on rudder.
Blue MoonBayRaider Expedition021Martin Scott2013GRPSBWith fixed bowsprit for the jib. On drying mooring, Leigh-on-Sea
RIZOUBayRaider 2054Francis Damseaux2010GRPSBMost of the time between Toulon and Hyeres (Var - France)
St HildaBayCruiser 2319David Stockill2013GRPSBBased in Liverpool - home area Mersey, North Wales and the Irish Sea. 14hp Beta inboard.
Olivia EvaStorm 17N/ASimon Holden2013EPWKitSouth Norfolk
AskariBayRaider 203Bill Rollo2007EPWSBOwned by Guy Briselden 2007-12. South Coast with excursions to West Coast Scotland.
Sea SwallowBayRaider 20tbanomis2008EPWSBbased during the summer in anglesey
Little White LiesBayRaider 20002Roge2010EPWDMPort Stephens Bay NSW Australia
ThornesseBayRaider Expedition26John Hubbard2014GRPSBNow stored at Gurnard, Isle of Wight for sorties into the western Solent
Breeze of RheeBayRaider Expedition027Peter and Sue Saxton2014GRPSBBased in Hertfordshire
MoireachBayRaider Expedition030John Perry2014GRPSBFindhorn, Morayshire
Rüm HartBayRaider 20?Reimer Lund2008GRESB
Morgi GlasBayRaider Expedition23John Harrison and Steve Hancock2014GRPSBLying on trailer near St Davids, Pembs
TriposBayRaider 173markbatey2010EPWSBNortheast England, Lake District
Llong TaidStorm 17TonyHankin2012EPWKit
BayRaider 20085pwillsea2012GRPSBCape Cod, Mass. USA
JauntyBayCruiser 206Jeremy Andrews2011EPWSBAfloat at Ridge Wharf on River Frome near Wareham. Sail mainly in and around Poole and along coast between IOW and St. Albans Head.
EquinoxBayCruiser 23??Andy Dingle2014GRPSBOverwintered (2014) at Rutland Water. To be sailed on the Humber and The Wash area. Trailed to other locations around the Country and abroad.
AoifeBayRaider 2032Michael Neely 2009GRPSBBased in Belfast - ambition to sail further afield
EulalieBayRaider 1712?Ric Wardman2014EPWSBPort Bannatyne, Isle of Bute
"Amy Eleanor" and the dangerous brothersBayRaider Expedition35David Hudson2015GRPSBWest of Suez
UlaBayRaider 2065Richard Walkerley2011EPWSBBased in Norfolk but sailed in UK and several European venues.
ElisabethStorm 19GBSWBS1902Erik Klepsvik2005EPWSBSouth west coast, Stavanger, Norway
WoodlarkBayRaider Expedition043sold 11/182015GRPSB sold
Gwel Ar MorBayCruiser 2053stef2010GRPSBnew owner based in Northern Brittany, project sailing at Bréhat, Chausey, Mont-Saint Michel, Gulf of Morbihan, Brest, Abers and Mediterranean sea (Corsica, Croatia ...)
IrisBayCruiser 26003Carol Lawson & Alistair Conquer2015GRPSBHome is Torquay MDL Marina. Trips out locally and to Cornwall and Solent so far, plus trailered to Mediterranean coast of Spain.
LorikeetBayRaider Expedition44Mark Kingsley2015GRPSBTeifi Boating Club, just down the road from Swallow Boats, Cardigan
SalixStorm 17005Mark Ruglys2005EPWSBI think the first S17 with water ballast tanks. Currently lying near Washington DC USA
SambaBayCruiser 26006Steve & Barbara Walder-Davis2016GRPSBBerthed in Poole Harbour
HirondelleBayRaider Expedition33John, Debbie, Graham and Vicky2015GRPSBBased at Northney Marina
TerejBayCruiser 20BC20AU001Petr Baum2016EPWDMMelbourne, Australia
Cory LouiseBayCruiser 20BC20 3Adrian Shield2010EPWSBPurchased late season 2016 following refurb at SB. Was sailing on the Firth of Forth but from 2019 sailing on the River Deben, Suffolk. May be willing to sell in next 12 months.
PapagenaBayRaider Expedition064Tim Le Mare2017GRPSBSea trials complete. Sailing out of Portland. Gaff rigged cutter.
Luminos IIBayCruiser 26008Nick and Sheenagh Orchard2016GRPSBBerthed in Torquay Harbour
Whistling KiteBayCruiser 23TBASimon Middleton2012EPWDMBased in Perth - Western Australia
HardytooBayRaider Expedition031Colin Church & Marina Harris2014GRPSBMoored in Portsmouth Harbour - Portsmouth Offshore Group. Sailing in the Solent and South Coast would be good to meet up with other Swallows local to the Solent
Augusta ThomasinaBayRaider 2075Charles Scott-Knox-Gore2012GRPSBCo.Mayo, Ireland
SanderlingBayCruiser 2341AndrewV2017GRPSBBased in Scarborough
BagpussBayCruiser 2611Jonathan Stuart2017GRPSB
Catchando BayBayRaider 2048Guy Rossey2010GRESBBased in Montpellier, France.
Wind LassBayRaider 201John E2007EPWSBSailing area: Lake district, Poole Harbour Studland Bay, Swanage, Solent, Chitchester Harbour
Con BrioBayRaider Expedition38Sydney Turner2015GRPSBMooring at Restronguet Sailing Club (Mylor), Fal Estuary, cruising south Cornish coast and SW England generally
MyrddinBayRaider Expedition66Phil Haskett-Smith2018GRPSBNeyland Yacht Haven
GraceBayRaider Expedition1Nicky and Mark Rushton 2011GRPSBBased near Cambridge. Mainly sails in East Anglia.
Eve IIBayRaider Expedition017Donald McNicol2013GRPSBIsle of Arran, Scotland
Lady GBayCruiser 2351David Hall2018GRPSBBased on River Tyne, Newcastle
KestrelBayCruiser 2352JGBaynton2018GRPSBJonathan & Sabrina Baynton. Based at Rutland Water but now have sailed out of Woolverstone, Falmouth, Plymouth, Salcombe, Poole, Chichester and Largs during ‘18 & 19.
"Two Sisters" (ex "SuNi")BayRaider Expedition052Sea Simon2016GRPSBMoored on the river Fowey. Exploring the South coast of Cornwall & Devon.
DragonflyBayRaider Expedition061Paul M2017GRPSBBased in Derbyshire, UK
SkylarkBayRaider Expedition15Helen and Chris2013GRPSB
MegBayRaider 2020Sean Smith2007GRPSBBantry, West Cork, Ireland
Fat BuoyBayRaider Expedition062Gavin Y2017GRPSBBased in Chichester Harbour
RhiannonBayRaider ExpeditionBRE 043Nick in Norfolk2015GRPSBRhiannon used to be called "Woodcock"
VOCATIONSBayRaider 20100GLOAGUEN Didier2010EPWSBBased in Audierne. France
Leven LadyBayRaider 2050John O'Donnell2010GRPSBSwinging mooring at West Mersea.
JunoBayCruiser 23012Mike Cambray2011GRPSBFormerly 'Golightly'. Based in Cumbria, mostly sailed west coast Scotland.
KittywakeBayRaider 2095Hilary@wakefield.biz2014GRPSBHamble River, Hampshire
"well done"BayRaider ExpeditionBRE 084Thomas Rahm2019GRPSBDüsseldorf Germany EU
AderynBayCruiser 2339Paul van Rijssen2016GRPSB
PendragonBayCruiser 2359Stephan Pickett2019GRPSBBased in Lorient, Southern Brittany, France.
LuMiBayRaider 2039Matthias Struck2009GRPSBGermany, Segelrevier: Plöner See, Schleswig-Holstein, + Ostsee. BRE 20 Rigg
SnowdriftTroupern/kRichard Walkerley2013EPWKitNorfolk based
Proper JobBayRaider 2057Jonnie Taylor and Dee Reeves2010GRPSBSailing area Fal & surrounding waters

1 - GRP = Glass Reinforced Plastic, GRE = Glass Reinforced Epoxy, EPW = Epoxy Wood.
2 - SB = Swallow Boats, DM = Denman Marine, Kit = Kits built by home builder.

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