BRe Cockpit Tent Launched

Swallow Boats has just launched a new cockpit tent for the BayRaider Expedition. See below for a description and photos.

There is a side door each side, with a window and curtain. Swallow Boats are confident there will be good ventilation because the bottom of the tent does not meet the deck exactly yet there is a generous overlap with the coaming, so no rain should get in.

The tent extends back from the aft end of the sprayhood and attaches to a 4mm rope spread round the outside of the coaming, on the deck, and pulled very tight. This rope is left permanently in place and the bottom of the tent has velcro tabs which loop around this. This makes it very quick and easy to assemble because even in a strong wind the velcro will stay put during assembly, when bungee loops can come un-hooked.

The tent is supported by a lightweight flexible pole that attaches to two deck clip fittings screwed to the outside of the coaming.





Stbd-Deck Layout

4 thoughts on “BRe Cockpit Tent Launched

  1. The tent seems to be cut to fit just forward of the mizzen mast and I assume (hope) these photos were just taken without the mizzen mast fitted but that it would normally be in place. I’m not sure if this is possible but I would want to tie a line from the tent to the mizzen mast to act as a guy rope – there seems to be a black tab on the tent so I would tie the line to that.

  2. There is a cut out for the mizzen mast .The photos were taken on a very windy day and the tent performed very well as we set it up for this first time on dry land. Will update forum once we have tried it afloat . John Harrison – Morgi Glas

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