Finally, the forum has moved…

It took a while, but the Swallow Boats forum has finally moved to this new site. The forum was upgraded as part of the move so that should bring some improvements too. Of course, things rarely run to plan and, despite this move having been practiced twice before this “live” run, we found a data issue after the move that meant about 200 posts were truncated.

However, problem fixed and the data re-imported and I think the forum has now been successfully moved and upgraded without any data loss. But if you see anything wrong with the forum or the web site or have any suggestions then please post a topic on the forum. If you can’t logon to the forum after the upgrade then read the topmost post on the General Discussion board and that should help you fix the problem.

I hope you like the new forum and web site!

3 thoughts on “Finally, the forum has moved…

  1. Hi, I have recently purchased a scond hand Bayraider, and whilst I believe that I have correctly rigged her on dry land, I wondered if anyone had put together a rigging manuel, photo sequence?

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