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There have been lots of small changes made to the web site over the past few weeks. These are mostly aimed at making it easier to find content – especially new content – and use the website in general. In particular, the search function (using the menu bar’s search box) has been updated so that it now searches the forum as well as the website. Previously it didn’t include the forum. Note that the search link on the forum is still specific to the forum. The full list of changes is included below. Please add a comment to this post or start a forum topic if you find any issues with the site.

  • Search updated to include the forum in addition to the web site.
  • Menu search box no longer causes the other menu items to wrap to a second line so early.
  • The search box now expands when used so that it can be smaller (and consume less menu space) when not in use.
  • Top admin menu removed and all functions moved to main menu.
  • The summary of recent posts/pages on the home page now includes post excerpts.
  • The summary of recent forum posts on the home page now includes post excerpts.
  • Login/logout link added to menu.
  • Margins & white space reduced on the home page to allow more content to be included.
  • Logging in through the homepage now keeps users logged in for 24 hours rather than previous default of 1.
  • Pages can be assigned to the Library as well as a menu if they are assigned to the “Library” category. Previously, a page only appeared in the Library if it wasn’t accessible via a menu. Now a page is in the Library if it isn’t assigned to a menu or the page has the “Library” category.

One thought on “Website updated

  1. Tried to add my Storm 15 “Robin” to the register, but it hasn’t appeared. Tried to re-add it but now saying it’s already there.
    I am guessing that this needs approval before it appears.

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